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Transformation Starts at the Heart.

Starts at the Heart.

We are Heartland Center for Autism

We provide in-house patient treatment to children and adolescents who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, as well as other mental health conditions. Our new facility is currently being transformed, so that we can provide our patients and their families with optimal care.

Clinical Overview Child Caring Institution (CCI) providing intensive residential treatment Specializing in youth with an Autism Diagnosis


To help youth by providing a variety of therapy including individualized ABA Therapy in a residential setting. During the intake process an assessment is conducted and a Behavior intervention plan as well as an individualized treatment plan are designed. We utilize the principles and strategies of ABA to teach critical skills to cope with stress, functionally communicate and reduce the rate and intensity of maladaptive behavior. We pride ourselves on providing families/caregivers the tools through parent training to assist their children to continue to thrive within the family unit post discharge from Heartland Center for Autism.

Heartland Center for Autism – Clinical Overview

  • Clinical Profile, Age, Length of stay
    • Moderate to High functioning youth in that have an Autism diagnosis.
    • Age 6-17
    • 15-30 days
    • 6 Bed facility located in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Programs:
      1. Intensive Residential Intervention program
      2. Step Down
      3. Parent Training / engagement and support – During admission
      4. Parent Training / engagement and support – Post discharge
  • Screening and Intake (ABA Discovery process)
    • Assessment is completed during intake to gain an understanding of the current level of functioning, history of maladaptive behavior, overall strengths, and weakness.
    • BCBA will collaborate with any existing providers to understand the treatment history.
    • BCBA will collaborate with the existing school team to review any IEP goals and Behavior Intervention Plans.
    • Review any existing Behavior Intervention Plans and existing ABA programing in place, incorporate as needed.
    • Design Individualized Behavior Intervention Plans to target the reduction of maladaptive behavior.
    • Design skill acquisition treatment plans to teach coping strategies, social emotional growth, social interaction, daily living, and self-help skills.
  • All patients during their stay will be seen by our psychiatrist to ensure continued care and monitoring of all medications.
  • Heartland Center for Autism & ABA Therapy
    • Each patient will have a team of staff working with them to incorporate the principles and strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis to deliver high quality ABA therapy through a designed treatment plan during their stay.
    • Ongoing data will be collected by staff on behavior reduction goals as well as skill acquisition goals daily.
    • Individualized ABA therapy along with group therapy, family therapy, didactics, art therapy and CBT will be delivered as needed.

Parent Engagement & Training

  • Goal –Educate and Empower
    • Immediate resource for families who will be taught the principles and strategies of ABA therapy.
    • Weekly Family Training sessions will be available.
    • Ongoing Family Training is an option to continue care post discharge.
    • By helping families gain an understanding of the function of their child’s behavior and responding appropriately we anticipate a decrease in children continuing to run a cycle of multiple visits to the ER.
    • During extended wait times for providers to complete assessments and provide ABA therapy, Heartland Center for Autism will be able to provide immediate intervention and support.


Chief Administrator                             Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Director of Operations Chief Medical Officer, Psychiatrist
House Manager Registered Nurse 24×7
Supervisor of Direct Care Team of Psychologist’s
Registered Behavior Technicians Direct Care Professionals


  • We are a Child Caring Institution (CCI)
  • We are not a Crisis Residential Unit (CRU)
  • We will use billing code H2016
  • We can use Parent Training Code (post discharge) S5111/ S97156

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